Warehouse Mouse & Friends

Created by

Mike Young

Voices of

Kevin Carlson
Marine Mimi
Jake Alexander
Robert Tinkler


Penn-Bright Entertainment
Zydeco Productions
Mike Young Productions
Disney Junior

List of Episodes

52 List of Warehouse Mouse & friends episodes


August 30, 2011

Warehouse Mouse & Friends is an American animated television Series Produced by Mike Young Productions Ltd. New series he distributor network: Disney Junior. He has early-old Special Agent Warehouse Mouse at Playhouse Disney Originals

Characters Edit

Warehouse Mouse Edit

(voiced by Kevin Carlson)

Warehouse Mouse is an animal pet mouse who not a great day of the riding the down green and up home in the round show.

Franny the Mouse Edit

(voiced by Marine Mimi)

Franny is a young girl mouse who appeared in episode we got that girlfriend great day for the warehouse mouse tipped by musical not we're got an love-a-lot mouse who Warehouse's friend sister girl won't you about it in the meets the mystery myself of the young mice who appeared in the younger sister who appears in Disney and the long sister of the Now letting of the angelfish.

Treasure Mouse Edit

(voiced by Jake Alexander)

Treasure Mouse is a young brother Mouse who not a treasure inordinate pizza and gold pirates brother a younger boy mouse who is on the bridge!

Rock and roll Mouse Edit

(voiced by Robert Tinkler)

Rock and Roll Mouse is an lovely yourself mouse who musical who on the phone of the sometimes of the showtime on the sees?

Maria Mouse Edit

(voiced by Tracey Moore)

Maria is a young meet girl who boats in out on the ireland and four sheets of the ear-mouse sheep who make that nosey and greatly.

Grandma Mouse Edit

(voiced by Fish Corletts)

Grandma Mouse is a grand small big grand mother mouse who appears in little red riding hood of the woods on the two greens down pink eye of the were of the up the grandma.

Fifi Edit

(meowed by Taylor Micheala)

Fifi is Maria's pet kitten.

List of Episodes Edit

*1.Franny's Cake

*2.Grandma's birthday

*3.Mystery Ball

*5.Little Ball

*6.Mysteries of cartoon

*7.Hello Mr. Franny


*9.Find the Explore Clues

*10.Mysteries of lion


*12.Mystery Vampire


*14.Honey I'm Good


*16.Where are we Going to the treehouse Bedtime

*17.Five little ducks

*18.Where is Franny's?

Cast Edit

Kevin Carlson as Warehouse Mouse

Marine Mimi as Franny the Mouse

Jake Alexander as Treasure Mouse

Robert Tinkler as Rock and Roll Mouse

Tracey Moore as Maria Mouse

Fish Corletts as Grandma Mouse

Taylor Michaela as Fifi the Cat

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