The house of pig

Directed by

McNeil Lisa

Written by

Joanna Leeds


McNeil Lisa (1999-2000)
Joanna Leeds
Frank Michael
Emma Taylor-Irishwood
Jake Wayne
Ian James Corlett
Melinda Richards

The House of Pig is the Canadian animated television series


  • Maria is the title character pig her my cousin Ursula. She wears a red bow on her head with blue eyes she wears a red dress. She is voiced by McNeil Lisa
  • Ursula is the little sister of Maria has a big sausage for the eat of the breakfast of fun. She wears a purple bow on her head with blue eyes she wears a white shirt and purple overdress. She is voiced by Joanna Leeds
  • Koko is the major bunny of the carrots funny or sunny. He has a red cap on his head with red eyes, a yellow shirt and red overshirt with blue pants. He is voiced by Frank Michael
  • Bedy is a minor cat. She has a hair sweet white wears a pink bow on her head with blue eye she wears a pink dress. She is voiced by Emma Taylor-Irishwood
  • Frogbird is a minor frog-birds. He has a dark brown eyes a green skin with white body with light brown feets. He was voiced by Jake Wayne
  • Michael is is a male cat. He has a blue eyes with blue bow on his bodies with 4 pink paws. He is voiced by Ian James Corlett
  • Roller is a female mouse. She was a two red bows on her head with blue eyes wears a red dress. She is voiced by Melinda Richards


DVDS 📀Edit


Her House of Pig funded by Playhouse Disney (Books series)

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