The girl making dolly her dinah's dinner on school of missing garde-de-rire french

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Joanna Leeds

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The girl making dolly her dinah's dinner on school of missing garde-de-rire french was a Canadian children's television series produced by Radical Sheep Productions & Treehouse TV 1992s

Characters Edit

  • Dinah, a female girl eats on hot dog and caca her baby dolly her kickin' the little younger girl.
  • Childrens, three babies of the dollys of the littlle brother and sisters her loving of 3 different babies.
  • Ursula, a female pig, the little sister of Dinah he has a younger. She wears a purple bow on her head with blue eyes she wears a white shirt and purple overdress.
  • Tigerness, a female tiger.
  • Lilly, a younger sister cat.


Saison 1 (1992-1993)

  • 1.Old lost hot dog and caca
  • 2.Ursula's big different adventures
  • 3.Hurry at the circus
  • 4.Which one, of Ursula gets bathtub
  • 5.Once had a younger her finished edit not
  • 6.Who's icing 🍤 & 💩s who's hot-dog and caca
  • 7.Ice Cream!!!!!
  • 8.Puppy power
  • 9.Stars adventures
  • 10.Missing letters
  • 11.Mary had a little lamb
  • 12.Mission camp
  • 13.Dinah saves the game

Season 2 (1993-1994)

  • 14.Very ice shop
  • 15.Missing of the Ursula her missing
  • 16.Her school of painter
  • 17.Sleepover of school night
  • 18.Chocolate shake
  • 19.Ursula and the soccer game
  • 20.Where's Dinah?
  • 21.Where's the finding hot dog her named 🔪
  • 22.He playing hockey
  • 23.Silly fiesta
  • 24.Mean Giants
  • 25.The magic house
  • 26.The full toys: hot dogs and cheese, apple and carrot, pink cake, caca and brown apple

Season 3 (1994-1995)

  • 27.Missing Icing
  • 28.Outer Space
  • 29.Teddybear and the cookie
  • 30.Meet Ursula
  • 31.Where's Pizza?
  • 32.He's has number who's making of the writting of the day?
  • 33.Dinah's the number pappers
  • 34.The fire
  • 35.The Ballerina
  • 36.Who's making sounds
  • 37.The Big Potato
  • 38.Star Catcher
  • 39.Boo!

Season 4 (1995-1996)

  • 40.Who's Missing of the Ursula's scrapbook
  • 41.Help Ursula to get a duck gets stuck
  • 42.Missing swimming pole
  • 43.The Big Strom
  • 44.Ursula's helper and clues
  • 45.Helping Missing here...
  • 46.One Potato, Two Potato
  • 47.Popping, popping, pop!
  • 48.Pizzeria
  • 49.¡Por Favor!
  • 50.Missing ballerina
  • 51.Who's moving dancing?
  • 52.He making costume

Season 5 (1996-1997)

  • 53.Cheese
  • 54.Games
  • 55.Who's the story maker?
  • 56.The loving cat who drawing a fish
  • 57.Tooth Fairy
  • 58.Once upon a time
  • 59.Once upon un conte de fées
  • 60.The Wonderful World of Colors and Shapes
  • 61.Colors
  • 62.Shapes and Colors All Around
  • 63.Minnie's Bee Story
  • 64.Caca, his dolly eye looking a brown
  • 65.Puppy Love

Season 6 (2000-2002)

  • 66.Two, Three, Four, Five, Six
  • 67.The Big Ten
  • 68.Quack! Quack!
  • 69.Dinah's Fairytale Adventure
  • 70.Here's wears a prince
  • 71.Making icing and cold
  • 72.Here's making a land
  • 73.Something we all can do
  • 74.Louder!
  • 75.Pablo's Flute
  • 76.I love you
  • 77.The making stars
  • 78.The Lost City

Season 7 (2004-2006)

  • 79.The discovering animals
  • 80.It's a Party
  • 81.Doctor Adventures
  • 82.Little People
  • 83.It's a dream
  • 84.Bouncy Ursula
  • 85.He's a making pig
  • 86.Wake-up the sun
  • 87.Hello, Ursula
  • 88.The school recess
  • 89.The School Art
  • 90.Where's Lily
  • 91.School Day

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