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The six books on library in french Edit

Being Som - Piano Man

Baspace: The Helps Going - The lost helpers

The Super Animals - The Missing on the lost sausage

The Super Cats - Nola-Milly and the Sandcastle a penguin named cozy

The SOS Bunnies - Home tweet home

The Little Girl - The Help Butterfly gets stuck

The seven books on library in french Edit

Being Som - Bad Day

Strawberry Cat - The Rescued by the Fish

The Super Animals - The Magic Flute

Shanna's Show - Farmers

Daily - Michael and the lost missing goldfish

Baspace - Roller's Garden

The Super Cats - The Hair Horse

The eight books on library in french Edit

Pepe and Colori - The Perrot singing

The Super Animals - Wake-up the sun

Baspace - The Lost Treasure

Shanna's Show - Ballerina

Musimission - Opening the present christmas

The Super Cats - The Hell Cat

Yaya and Zouk - The sleepover

Cozy the Bunny - Maria's treasure of the job hunters

The nine books on library in french Edit

The Super Animals - The Christmas Puppets

Baspace - Roller playing hide and squeak

Pepe and Colori - The Ants

Daily - Marine and the sweet cake

Mystery Hunters - Bashee

Tupu - Tupu's new friend

BOUIING - The Lost City

The Super Cats - Bedy's surprise

Being Som - Save Diego

The ten books on library in french Edit

The Super Animals - Frank, the Crab

Pepe & Colori - Spike and the moustache

Baspace - The Sleep at Bedtime

The Super Kittens - Bedy at the farm

Daily - Marine go to bed

Maja the book - A present for Santa

The Animals Towns - The Mystery of the broken boat

Strawberry Cat - The little mago

Being Som - The Secret of the UFO

Warehouse Mouse and friends - Treehouse

Eleven books on library in french Edit

The Backyardigans - The master of disguise

The Super Animals - Goes to the Showtime

The Animals Towns - The Mysterious of colour-changing t-shirt

The Super Kittens - Lost Shoe

The Super Humans - The mystery of the missing gift

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