The Teddybears is A British children's television series his big Woohoo Episode his gone who his the Happy Halloween. who make a young care-a-lot for Teddybear Island.


  • Paulina is a 10 year-old light blue bear boy that his youngest bigger hat that his little garden up in the flower cloud. Voiced by Tim Branson
  • Lily is a 4 year-old pink bear girl that his great adventure red-shadows puppet that girl friend that his younger pink teddy bear. Voiced by English Millie
  • Smile is a younger old brown bear that Halloween like pumpkin costume from Teddybear Island. Voiced by Tim Branson
  • Pamela is a five year-laugh light yellow bear sister that little-cute small little bear club that his sleeping bed. Voiced by English Taylor
  • Ella is a one year-old lavender-pruple bear girl that his year in the flying airplanes. Voiced by English Ellen
  • Kelley is a year-old orange bear that her lot flying in Tresasure hunt. Voiced by English Maria
  • Hook is a red bear whose out the failure of the best way. Voiced by Tim Branson
  • Plato is a yellow bear bigger smaller comes from like a youngest tale blast bear. Voiced by Jake Jimmy
  • Jake is a green bear club that his younging on the Teddybear Island who looking and a sprites time letting. Voiced by Shaw Androis
  • Dinosaur is a pruple dino that high hill.

Sockroaches CharactersEdit

  • Fifer is a pink-yellow sock roaches he look and the wheels in the bed songs Down high hill he's goes and I'm a Beep Beep Beep
  • IX is a black-white sock roaches who looking woohoo character from UP Down Hill and The Sock Mess Monster.
  • ETaMi is a red-blue sock roaches one together he looking for a day.
  • Mili is a blue-orange sock roaches who the beeps stars for the day.
  • Roar is a white-blue sock roaches who down the hills he go on of The Sock Mess Monster.

Kelley Costume HalloweensEdit

  • Smile Bear make a pumpkin
  • Plato Bear make a boo-boos
  • Hook Bear make a dinosaur
  • Jake Bear make a dragon
  • Pamela make a fire truck
  • Lily make a fairy
  • Paulina make a chicken
  • Ella make a wizard

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