The Super Kittens!

Based on the books by

Virgine Jaffredo


Mandy Moore
Mark Edwards
Tracey Moore
Robert Smith

Music by

Mandy Moore

List of Season


List of Episodes


Production Company

Productions Jaxa

Original release

September 8, 2012-present

Opening Theme

"Here's a anything, who always fun, she loves try to carry helps please!" songs by Mandy Moore

Closing Theme

"Here's a anything, who always fun, she loves try to carry helps please!" instrumental verison - last time Mandy Moore

The Super Kittens! is an Canadian animated television series produced by Productions Jaxa and broadcast by TFO.

Plot Edit

Bedy is the singing cat that first the songs by Here's a anything, who always fun, she loves try to carry helps please!. All the five special kittens named Sam, Samantha, Leo, Nola-Millie, teacher Dana and Amber the Duck, She sees the sports or schoolhouse and six new other kittens and one another duck, this is the last any time seven characters our true new heroes at the game: soccer, baseball or basketball, with the fastest cool little cats and her pet duck. A cartoon through the animated six cat friends and her little white female duck and his family.

Characters Edit

Bedy Cat Edit

Voiced by Mandy Moore Edit

Bedy is an white female cat who was cheerful she wearing a pink ribbon, has pretty kitten was a white coloured by ice blue are fluffy muzzle kitten, she playing all to mix self with friendly help each other. She wears a pink bow on his hair, was a blond hair, has blue eyes, wearing pink dress, pink ears, pink nose, pink paws.

Amber Duck Edit

Voiced by Joanna Leeds Edit

Amber is an white female duck, that would telling a female girl into the duck family: brother Jemerey, baby Alice, and his father Tiffany, who lots in the duck house, for the french duckling sweet and into out learns to full doesn't have medieum to tries everything to get her super family party. She wears a red bow on her head, they have no eyebrows. She also wearing a pink shirt and red overdress on it.

Jemerey Duck Edit

Voiced by Joanne Vannicola Edit

Jemerey is Amber's younger brother is the episode Sam and the Party Room. He wears a light blue shirt and blue pants, they have no eyebrows.

Baby Alice Edit

Voiced by Tajja Isen Edit

Alice is Amber and Jemerey's baby sister. She wears a orange bow on her head, she also wears a orange dress.

Tiffany Duck Edit

Voiced by Larry Robinson Edit

Tiffany is the father of Alice, Jeremy and Amber. He wears a blue or purple suit and blue or purple pants.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

  1. Bedy and the Ice Skating
  2. Sam and the Dogsled

It was music “He's a anything who always fun, she loves to try to carry helps please” instrumental ending credits logos Edit

  1. TFO (Ontario)
  2. CMF FMC
  3. Québec Film and Television Tax Credit Gestion SODEC
  4. Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit


  1. Productions Jaxa