The Super Animals!: Heroes of Heroes! is an Canadian animated television series produced by Hanna Barbara Productions inc., YTV: and Radio-Canada & TFO, Yoopa, Stoop!d Monkey, Tooncan, CBC & Tele-Québec, TVA.

The Far-Fab Pigs Players of the Super-Hero-AnimalEdit

Six super hero his greatest the friends of forever and ever and handles with the 15 feets.

Plot Edit

A Girl pig maria is a little piggy going on a super animals lets a school my best friend teddy maria's toy pig.

Characters Edit

Pigs Edit

Maria — is a young pig who that great show make a puppet Santa who appeared on not the trouble bubbles of the next of the shortcake and the shortcut and the takes a younger sister pig dream who appeared in super heroes.

Bobby — is a young pig dream not inordinate who appeared in the brother pig who a spaceman on the Let's get do it! I'm a Bobby loves piggy boy who is lovely day on the country's largest house camper.

Maria's mom — is Maria's mother.

Maria's Dad — is Maria's father.

Mamilla — is a Maria friend lovely dinosaurs who on a white.

Rober - is a Maria's young brother meet the brown pig Orange-pink.

White — is a young pig.

George — is a Bobby's brother who appeared on Santa Puppets & Bobby and the Dragons.

Chloé - is Maria's friend.

Willy - is Bobby's Land.

Rabbits Edit

Soccer - is a young rabbit who appeared in super heroes from the zoo.

Marshall — is a rabbit trouble notice of the biggest fan ever seen the video and potatoes.

Cats Edit

Katie - is best friend kitten from Bedy the cat

Closing Edit

The Super Animals Stories of Heroes Credits

Episodes Edit

Season One (2009)

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