The Super Animals is an Canadian animated television series produced by Vivatoon.

Plot Edit

Join Maria and his friends are the super animals characters named: pig Bobby, fox Lulu, cat Katie, bunny Soccer, mouse Vivi and cat Rockstar.

Characters Edit

  • Maria is a little cute sweet female pig girl she has 9 years old, she loves to play with her friends Katie, Soccer, Bobby and Mimi want to helps find out for away can't out for our job, she did not wearing black shoes - that is a lovely sweet pig no grumpy his friendly pig dancer he loves to play. She wears a red bow on her head, a blond-yellow hair, blue eyes, she wears a red dress with a collar. She was voiced by Tara Strong (US) and Tabitha St. Germain (UK)
  • Bobby is Maria's younger brother. He has a blond-yellow hair, blue eyes, he wears a light blue shirt with navy blue lederhosen and light blue short-pants. He was voiced by Robert Smith
  • Soccer is a little female bunny is Maria's friend, then the gangs don't not have clues do having someone's that in the hurts. She wears a purple lollipop-bow on her head, three eyelashes with green eyes, she wears a purple dress with panties collar. She was voiced by Tracey Moore
  • Katie is a female cat is Maria's friend. She wears a pink bow on her head, blue eyes, she wears a pink dress. She was voiced by Tara Strong (US) and Kath Soucie (UK)


Season 1 (2003)Edit

  1. Maria's Party
  2. Maria Loves Katie
  3. New Surprise
  4. Back to School
  5. Maria's Journey Album
  6. Maria and the Secret of the Castle
  7. The Case of the Sandbox
  8. Maria the Great
  9. The Flower Surprise
  10. The Great Pig Adventure
  11. The Christmas Puppets
  12. Maria's Pirate Adventure
  13. Joyful Cauldron
  14. Maria's Sleepover
  15. Maria and the Adventures of Katie
  16. Up, Up and Away
  17. What is Maria's Got to Park?
  18. The Falling Cheese
  19. The Birthday Dance Party
  20. The Hopscotch Adventure
  21. Katie's Picnic
  22. Maria's Space Adventure
  23. Maria and the Fire Truck
  24. Musical School Day
  25. The Mayor Coming to Town
  26. Maria and the Dragon Train
  27. The Mystery of the Disappearing Pizza
  28. Maria's Tall Tale
  29. The Hop Hillside
  30. Maria's Treasure
  31. The Ice Skating Mysterious
  32. Katie's Carnival Festival
  33. Choo Choo Express
  34. The Cheese Treasure
  35. The Mystery Invitation


  • The Ice Skating Mysterious