The Super Animals is an Canadian animated television series produced by Vivatoon. This animated video based on screenplay by Lilly the Witch.


Season 1 (2003)Edit

  1. Maria's Party
  2. Maria Loves Katie
  3. New Surprise
  4. Back to School
  5. Maria's Journey Album
  6. Maria and the Secret of the Castle
  7. The Case of the Sandbox
  8. Maria the Great
  9. A True Hiccpus
  10. The Great Pig Adventure
  11. The Christmas Puppets
  12. One Last Paper
  13. Joyful Cauldron
  14. Maria's Sleepover
  15. Maria and the Adventures of Katie
  16. Pop-Up Bubble
  17. What is Maria's Got to Park?
  18. Maria and Bobby's Stick Tricks
  19. Bobby's Big Day
  20. Soccer and the Trucks
  21. Flying Paper Friends
  22. Big Magical Ice Tricks
  23. Maria and the Fire Truck
  24. Maria's Crew Shop
  25. The Secret of the Cave Friends
  26. Katie's Helping Friends
  27. Vivi's Magic Cards
  28. Maria's Tall Tale
  29. The Hop Hillside
  30. Maria's Treasure
  31. Jumping Kids
  32. Best Crew Tricks
  33. Play Balls
  34. The Cheese Treasure
  35. Maria's Helpful Friends

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