The Super Animals

Drawings by

Birgit Rieger

Voices of

Lisa McNeil

Opening theme

Super Animals! it's just moving

Closing theme

Super Animals! it's just moving Instrumental song

Production Company

Québec crédit d'impôt cinéma et télévision gestion SODEC
MEDIA Programme
The canadian film or video production tax credit
BBC Kids
Québecor Contenu


Saturday, September 6 2003

The Super Animals is an Canadian animated television series produced by Vivatoon. This animated video based on teleplay by Lilly the Witch.


  • Goes to the Showtime (volume 1)
  • Lost and found
  • Cheese treasure
  • Best Friends (volume 23)
  • The Christmas Puppets (volume 79)
  • Swimming Pool (volume 80)
  • Katie's Gift (volume 42)
  • Marias Letter (volume 43)

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