The SOS Bunnies

Also known as

Jim Henson's SOS Bunnies

Directed by


Voices of

Tracey Moore
Scott McNeil
Millie Davis
Ian James Corlett
Kevin Carlson

The SOS Bunnies is a Canadian animated television series 4 little bunny colors Jauna fune in the character company production - Malou Bonicos the Beeps - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - The Jim Henson Company.


  • Marine Bunny is a pink bunny is the magic Halloween that who appeared in great big city that who minutes Millie's friend.
  • Spike Bunny is a blue bunny is the magic blues background not in the forest view source and edit fun today.
  • Millie Bunny is a pruple bunny is the magic great that.
  • Flex Bunny is a yellow bunny is the magic hair.
  • Baby Bunny is a light green-blue bunny is the magic bottle.
  • Mistake Bunny is a light pruple bunny who fixit it.
  • Canada is a red carpet character present voyage in the Canadian friend who appeared in The Great Big City.
  • Baker Bunny is a gold-pizza pink bunny is Marine's friend.
  • Father Bunny is a blue bunny-rabbit bookshop Millie's feet who appeared in Rabbit creek. He is voiced by Phil Mammals
  • Mother Bunny is a pink rabbit is Bookstores Marine's friend that cooking pizza [1] he cold the Hip, Hip, Hooray! Who the questions and the other hand is the air on the wake update and it was the best of the day before Get one step the long way the maps and workshops city. He was voiced by Beth Mammals

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