The Little Bunnies is a British children's television series characters the youngest bunnies that his image.


  • Ursula is a 8 year-old little sister bunny that his night adventures of the space mission of the young little girl great his a year-laugh rabbit get on the cold flower and fires great backyard of the background House. Voiced by Melinda Richards
  • Joe is a baby youngest bunny-rabbit a brother boy year-old bunny that his play show the shadow puppet. Voiced by Michel Ledoux
  • Lily is a young bunny girl friend that his youngest tall ground in the great adventure the characters from the telephone that calls from the great day. Voiced by Misama Melinda
  • MiMi is a 6 year-old girl bunny that talls trip episode adventure that get her good explore and discover. Voiced by Lisa Lotti
  • El is a one year-laugh girl bunny that his younger old little cap rabbit one two get her. Voiced by Emma Scott
  • Woody is a young space bunny that his who appear in Rocket. Voiced by Tim Branson
  • Derek is a younger bunny to play computer game with the help fix the network a younger boy. Voiced by Richard Ian Cox
  • Kimi is a bunny-rabbit get potato and strawberries the young old girl. Voiced by Tracy Moore
  • Mona is a bunny-kitp that his climbing, swinging the mountains not the long old rabbit. Voiced by Lilly Holabird


list of the little bunnies Episodes


  • 1.Rescue, Rescue, Rescue
  • 2.Rocket
  • 3.Pirates Treasure map
  • 4.Magic Polly

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