The Jone is a 2005 film-American animated television movie produced by SESAME WORKSHOP. he was a booked by the jone film narrated by Juan St. Kath first appeared on Global Grover: Great Global Stories

Characters Edit

Jone Edit

voiced by Juan St. Kath Edit

Jone is 6 11 year-old girl named Josh Jone on Dora the Explorer a Black hair with brown eyes, a pink dress with red collage a orange pants and was a red shoe on his feet.

Lonie Edit

voiced by Jake Alexander Edit

Lonie is a boy named Leon that first appeared on The Jone (movie) and The Jone (TV Series)

Lynnie Edit

voiced by Lisa McNeil Edit

Lynnie is a girl named Annie who first appeared into The Jone (movie) and The Jone (TV Series)

June Edit

voiced by Kathleen Sanchez Edit

June is a young old girl named Juin who first appearance in The Jone (movie) and The Jone (TV Series)

Five Darts Edit

voiced by Michel Ledoux Edit

Five Darts is the food cooking chicken wings orange by The youngest darts from The Jone (movie)

Cat Edit

meowed by Juan St. Kath Edit

Cat is a orange from The Jone (movie)

Grandmother Edit

voiced by Juan St. Kath Edit

Grandmother is Jone's Good-mother.

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