The Best Friends Girls is an Canadian

Characters Edit

  • Marc
  • Valerie - A female human with red hair with blue eyes she wearing a white dress with pink shoes
  • Magly
  • Camela
  • Mimi
  • Daisy
  • Lau-Lau
  • Mia - A female human with dark blue hair with yellow eyes
  • Farala the Washing Clean - A female human with red and purple, turquoise hair with black eyes wearing white shirt with colored don't not line on blue writer Farala.
  • Chapman the Art Painter - A female human with blue and pink, yellow hair with blue eyes wearing white shirt with colored line on blue writer Chapman.
  • Quicky - A female human with blondie hair with blue eyes with black shirt with orange pants wearing yellow shoes
  • Bobby the Funny Human - A male human silly with blondie hair with google red eyes on funny boing and laughing with red shirt with purple, blue and green pants with yellow shoes.

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