The Animals Towns
Produced by Marineland
The Animals towns is an Canadian animated television series produced by CINAR, inc.

Cast Edit

Frank Michael as Koko

Michaela Ellien as Kathy

Xavier Alexander as Perrito (Dora the Explorer & The animals towns)

Bob Golding as Kangaroo 1

Richard Ian Cox as Kangaroo 2

Kelvin Cox as Butterfly Bug

Characters Edit

Bunnies Edit

Koko (voiced by Frank Michael) — A white-orange bunny who not appear pet dog playground of the land and books Bubbles.

Kathy (voiced by Michaela Ellien) — A sister Koko's friend bunny girly young rabbit of the great about that.

Miss Bunny (voiced by Buza Xavier-Paradise) — is Koko's mother rabbit.

Daddy Bunny (voiced by Komodo Dragon) — is Kathy's father rabbit.

Cathy (voiced by Oxley Michaela) — A sister bunny who is Kathy's friend.

Fitz Bunny (voiced by Frank Fresno) — A crown rhino bunny choose a pink rhino car a silly rabbit.

Cow-Bunny (voiced by Frank Welker) — Friendly Cowbo Bunny horn car and farm Dring on the Phone.

Sock-roaches (voiced by Xavier Shlxy) — A friendly bunny-rabbit who appearance in Lost Bag.

Cats Edit

Lilly Cat (voiced by Tracey Moore) — A small kitten who appearance in The Big Apple Mystery.

Elly (voiced by Noua Bunnytown) - A cat who appearance in the Playground.

Ms. cat (voiced by Sonja Ball - is Lilly's friend.

Sand-cat (voiced by Richard Scary) - brother cat who appearance in the cheese car chomp mystery.

Hungry (voiced by Maxine Pickles) - a Smelly Cat who appearance in Bread.

Lily Cat (voiced by Ursula Michaela) — A kitten black.

Kiki (voiced by Playground Axelle) — A smelly cat I'm a kitten.


Ursula (voiced by Joanna Leeds) ― A smallest youngest pig that first 2 episodes apparearance: The mystery of the broken boat, The missing mayor mystery.

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