The Animals towns is an Canadian animated television series produced by CINAR, inc.


A rabbit named Koko who lives in the Animal Town for City. Based on screenplay by "Busytown Mysteries" & "Mickey and the Roadster Racers"! or Village but then one day who was a pet puppy who was a best city animals for "It's do the right some!" But because the new say please and her friends: Daddy Zebra, Kathy Bunny, Frank Kangaroo & Fran Kangaroo!

Cast Edit

Frank Michael as Koko

Michaela Ellien as Kathy

Xavier Alexander as Perrito (Dora the Explorer & The animals towns)

Bob Golding as Kangaroo 1

Richard Ian Cox as Kangaroo 2

Kelvin Cox as Butterfly Bug

Characters Edit

Bunnies Edit

Koko (voiced by Frank Michael) — A white-orange bunny who not appear pet dog playground of the land and books Bubbles.

Kathy (voiced by Michaela Ellien) — A sister Koko's friend bunny girly young rabbit of the great about that.

Miss Bunny (voiced by Buza Xavier-Paradise) — is Koko's mother rabbit.

Daddy Bunny (voiced by Komodo Dragon) — is Kathy's father rabbit.

Cathy (voiced by Oxley Michaela) — A sister bunny who is Kathy's friend.

Fitz Bunny (voiced by Frank Fresno) — A crown rhino bunny choose a pink rhino car a silly rabbit.

Cow-Bunny (voiced by Frank Welker) — Friendly Cowbo Bunny horn car and farm Dring on the Phone.

Sock-roaches (voiced by Xavier Shlxy) — A friendly bunny-rabbit who appearance in Lost Bag.

Cats Edit

Lilly Cat (voiced by Tracey Moore) — A small kitten who appearance in The Big Apple Mystery.

Elly (voiced by Noua Bunnytown) - A cat who appearance in the Playground.

Ms. cat (voiced by Sonja Ball - is Lilly's friend.

Sand-cat (voiced by Richard Scary) - brother cat who appearance in the cheese car chomp mystery.

Hungry (voiced by Maxine Pickles) - a Smelly Cat who appearance in Bread.

Lily Cat (voiced by Ursula Michaela) — A kitten black.

Kiki (voiced by Playground Axelle) — A smelly cat I'm a kitten.


Ursula (voiced by Joanna Leeds) ― A smallest youngest pig that first 2 episodes apparearance: The mystery of the broken boat, The missing mayor mystery.

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