The Animals towns is an Canadian animated television series produced by Cookie Jar Entertainment


A bunny named Koko who lives in the Animal Town for City. Based on screenplay by "Busytown Mysteries" & "Mickey and the Roadster Racers" is called the village "Animals Towns" as Koko saying "It's do the right some!"


Main CharactersEdit


  • Ursula Pig (voiced by Joanna Leeds): A female pig who wearing a purple ribbon. She appears in The Invisible Cake Snatcher, The Vanishing Tiara Mystery, The Mystery of the Broken Boat, The Jellybeans List Mystery and The Missing Mayor Mystery


  1. The Mystery of the Lost Camera/The Jellybeans List Mystery: And a jellybean popping made by Kathy disappears, Koko and Kathy and his friends name: Betty Mouse, Terra Cotta Cat, Ace Goat, Ursula Pig, Gilbert Elephant and Bunny Rabbit!