The Animal Pet

Also known as

The Animals Pet & friends

Presented by

Jackson Shawarma


Jake Michaels
McNeil Lisa
Max Richards
Lilly Michaela
Lilly Sarah
Jake Wayne
Scott McNeil
Johnny Depp

The Animals Pet is a Canadian animated television series produced by Treehouse TV.

Plot Edit

8 Characters with animals pet series with a contents everyone.

Characters Edit

Dr. Geoffrey Edit

(voiced by Jake Michaels)

Dr. Geoffrey is a silly-black character Nixon moon white sister not alone, who friend Sister.

R. Conway Edit

(voiced by McNeil Lisa)

R. Conway is a wild-white sister heart that who great inside my Nixon moon white black who "The Penguin Song".

Shaw Edit

(voiced by Max Richards)

Shaw is a white-clubhouse who a TV series.

Sister Edit

(voiced by Lilly Michaela)

Sister is a black-girlfriends Dr. Geoffrey's ex girlfriend hurry the pretty dress-up the party today that who explorer great butterfly season of the bicycle drive.

Robot Cat Edit

(voiced by Lilly Sarah)

Robot Cat is a lovely pink-cat that his robot story with tells the girly pizza and baker puzzles.

Frogbird Edit

(voiced by Jake Wayne)

Frogbird is a green frog-wings by birds Who's the birthday is it! Not the friend to gets the meet that who make a episode Sister's friend that I have songs by 'The Ba The Ba the Ba this?' That now friend inordinate colours by green-yellow brown eyes and brown feet who the wants to read on set the ocean blue your al welcome to Friends N'seek weekend over the not the Nord pole character remake and minor mirror into the appeared in Hound-Dog.

Robot Dog Edit

(voiced by Scot McNeil)

Robot Dog is a blue-puppy robot who something pizzeria and pizza playground.

Robot Bird Edit

(voiced by Johnny Depp)

Robot Bird is a yellow birds machine and wings.

Minor characters Edit

  • Pirate: is R. conway's best friend with follows the treasure hunt.
  • Kingdom: is a boyfriend with Shaw, Sister and Dr. Geoffrey, R. Conway when the follows the episode in Kingdom Ever.
  • Miss Bunny: is a class school rabbit in carrots from the episode in R. Conway goes to School.
  • Cousin Frogbird: is the Frogbird's cousin Alzye
  • Frogbird's Family: is home of frogbird's house of treehouse birthday hot-dog.


Season 1 (2003-2004)

  • Kingdom Ever/R. Conway Goes to School/Frogbird making flat too – helps the four characters he homed for the big kingdom for a prince/Helped Conway he coming for school bus day he had Frogbird his sad and worry he lost her songs/Helped Frogbird making flat too he up high into the sky he make a friend to flying.
  • Making Fellow big Boot/Who's make big trip?/The Seasons – He loving snowman helps cold in icing care of sweet hard, two many boots/Help he the big going for a trip?/Help a snowman he cold/care smallest big present for four seasons he looking meet frogbird.
  • Frogbird and the King of Disguise/Frogbird and the Valentine's Day/Stoped Frogbird, He gets a crown – Frogbird he gotta present of king disguise for the train off old express/He meet frogbird he had a valentine's da card/STOP! He lost loose loose frogbird he stops a crown of clown.

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