Strawberry Cat is a 2005-2012 American animated film by [1].

Cast Edit

  • Kathleen Sanchez as Strawberry Cat, a red-pink cat was had a [2] he looking up the [3] that found not one of the great it have a pet [4].
  • Eric Jacobson as Quicy the Goldfish, is Strawberry Cat's pet goldfish.
  • Chris Michael as Cox the Dog, is Strawberry Shortcake's pet puppy.
  • Paul Michaels as Blueberry Cat, a blue cat who make a lovely weekend is something wants to do? The magical on getting sprite tales with pet [5] quite the not shadows.
  • Tony Michaels as Orange Juice Cat, a orange-brown cat that who make a shadow and squeaking by Kevin.
  • Nick Wilson as Violet berry Cat, a purple-blue cat who make a red fish with the species with the song.
  • Kevin Carlson as Bunny, a white-brown rabbit who that fit me anymore who bread Who me?

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