Special Agent Warehouse Mouse


Kevin Carlson
Amber Hood

Directed by

David Rudman


September 10, 2008
August 1, 2010

Followed by

Warehouse Mouse & Friends

Special Agent Warehouse Mouse is an American preschool animated series live-action shows are produced by Walt Disney Pictures & Playhouse Disney Originals.


Warehouse Mouse is a secret spy mouse her last head, his ears, purple, nose, hole his little paw on her paw pilot, his tail, his feet he has orange hair, pink nose, his feet his spy shoes on paw pilot on vest. He is voiced by mr.[1]

Little Paw is Warehouse Mouse's hand says it's ending say goodnight he loves to said “All to see the paw pilot found them!”

Dotty is Warehouse Mouse's friend - Dotty says Good Night!. She is voiced by [2]

Songs Edit

  • Special Agent Warehouse Mouse Opening - good morning
  • I'd come for you
  • All to myself
  • Music
  • I wanna go
  • I got a feeling
  • Right Round
  • Airplanes
  • Special Agent Warehouse Mouse Closing - say goodnight!


  • The Musical - Warehouse Mouse's friend her playing flute he loves to jump out the music box.
  • Camping Out - Best friend Darby's playing hide-and-seek with playful camping out from night.
  • Goldfish - Warehouse Mouse his little paw he playing of the missing fish.
  • Dinosaur - He has a big dinosaur on teeth wait or stop.
  • Box - A music box on his backpack onto the warehouse mouse's jack-in-the-box
  • Cheese - A friendly very cool mouse who eats the cheese.
  • Lost Shoe - He missing cleo here lost must shoe on her feet by warehouse mouse
  • Doctor - Help warehouse mouse to get to the doctor opening.
  • Cake - he has a invisible cake of pancakes of warehouse mouse with darby.
  • Lost Butterfly - He jumps into the lost her missing wings.
  • The missing hole - He jumps through the hole he lost his missing mouth on her hole on one.
  • Sweet - He has sweet sun of home, sweet, home.
  • Fish - has a beautiful camp out of the brown boots he loves going from the gone fish.
  • Carrot - It's cold day. didn't reason the carrot closes.
  • Icing Bubbles - Has a little paw on warehouse mouse her brother help ice of bubble machine.
  • Dog - Warehouse Mouse's friend he loving going of the very puppy bubble.
  • Tired - The stops of clown onto warehouse mouse's friend.
  • Good Wild - a mean animals of the zoo.
  • Red - She was a red painter colors.
  • Paint - A printable of the letters, numbers and food of drawing painters.
  • Ice Cream - Little hot has cold ice creamed he loving great, one by one.
  • Lost missing moon - When warehouse mouse is spaceman his costume her lost moon outer space.
  • The very vacation - A mission of warehouse mouse's snacks.
  • Pat - A mean bite of the very hood of pat.
  • Lost Truck - He sings She he singing now into he saved the truck
  • Loose! Loose! - has a animal says loose, loose.
  • Very Hunters - has a happy mouse her face he loving mystery hunters.
  • The missing of “2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20” - She is how do you do, her brother, Warehouse Mouse
  • Mystery - Warehouse Mouse he help missing paw pilot.
  • The royale piggy bank - Warehouse Mouse's friends of piggy bank of house.
  • Chick - Has a silly chick has face.
  • T-Shirt - One t-shirt mmmmm has not pizzeria did not appear.
  • Hot and Cold - Has a little hot and cold of warehouse the brother mouse.
  • Locks Mystery - Warehouse Mouse Locks a mystery.
  • Missing Mystery Books - Hole why world, has a missing mystery books on lost.
  • Halloween Party - Has warehouse mouse celebrate of mom.
  • The Icing Loving - He jumper over to onto the very long mystery ice cold.
  • Wedding - Has a celebrate has butterfly mmm has warehouse mouse gets married.
  • Chipmunk - has gets stuck of chipmunk sticking.
  • Two batteries - Meet warehouse mouse and her missing batteries.
  • Whistle Blower - Catching whistle blower, has warehouse mouse into the traffic jam.
  • Red Painter - A young backpack her warehouse mouse gets red spot painter.
  • Pizzeria - MMMMM! Come on popular pizzeria closes the reason not the stops of warehouse mouse.
  • Lost Treasure - He missing treasure chest of lost it.
  • School day - has a school day on kids.
  • Happy Birthday - Has a babies of the really team.
  • Team - Has three super heroes of mouse.
  • Stuck in the gate - He helps warehouse mouse her noisy here onto together has a mean customers.
  • Cuddly lost - helped warehouse mouse her finding dinosaur.
  • Very trollers - Helps warehouse mouse and her find out of sleepover of the very trollers of camp-house.

Trivia Edit

  • Special Agent Warehouse Mouse on Playhouse Disney (2008)
  • This is new series of Warehouse Mouse & Friends on (2015) from Disney Junior
  • Canadian series dosen't not appear for this disney.

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