No Title

Created By

Shane W. Evans

Voices of

Crystal Scales
Phoebe McAuley

Num. of Episodes


Shane's Quest is an Canadian animated television series produced by Doodle Productions.


  • Shane
  • Caca
  • Makka Pakka
  • Sun
  • Mr. Doctor
  • Airplane


  1. Being A Big Cheese is Cheesy
  2. Makka Pakka Washes Faces
  3. Bedroom
  4. Why do dance a ballerina?
  5. Quack, Quack
  6. Hug
  7. Sleeping Troller
  8. Makka Pakka's Present
  9. Ready for Camp
  10. Happy Feet
  11. Fish Easy
  12. Merry go round
  13. Bee Story
  14. Pirates
  15. Chipmunk Voice
  16. Caca the little brown on toilet
  17. Rainbow
  18. Doctor
  19. Dentist
  20. The Cheeseburger
  21. Carrots
  22. What the treehouse sleeping on the bed
  23. The Mystery of the Unpopular Pizzeria

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