Quack! Quack! is 26th episode of the season.

Plot Edit

Maja and Teddybear, Drawing with Coloring Book of the Long Color and Crayons Colored by green drawing the finished grass his green, Colored by red drawing the finished five eggs his red. Mommy Duck his 4 Ducks flooting whoosing the baby ducks said Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack! Maja and Teddybear jump the big coloring book on his page, Baby Duck his cold his lost the colored by yellow say backpack which crayons who we need? A Fedora, Flower, Soccerball and Crayon-color, Broom and a Sticky-tape which those a crayon-colors a yellow colored by sun thanks for helping help baby duck he lost it coloring book in drawing the yellow on his sun, How we get to the Duck Pond, say Map i'm the map song, the map how we get to the duck pond where's mommy duck? Yes there he is. My BABY DUCK!, First we go through the Market, then we go over the rainbow brigde, and there how we get to the duck pond. MARKET, BRIGDE, DUCK POND 4 times map, Maja we go through the Market, then we go over the rainbow brigde, and that's how we get to the duck pond, thanks for helping. Do you see the Market, Travel song the Maja and teddybear, baby duck. Baby Duck jumps the water, hole and the Steps Maja and Baby Duck, Teddybear who he getting colored by purple drawing the steps good job! thanks for helping, QUACK, QUACK, MOMMY MOMMY here we go baby duck Quack! Quack! we made it to the Market, ¡El Magado! quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, Maja and Teddybear, Shane going to the haircut then we go across the dentstits and that's how we get to the Doctor! HAIRCUT, DENTSTITS, DOCTOR! 4 times were going to the haircut, where we go first? The haircut right, So first we going have the haircut, do you the haircut? right there we is! The travel song HAIRCUT, DENTSTITS, DOCTOR! 4 times where are we going? song. Teddybear, Shane and Maja cut-up your hair for a head, thanks for helping. Were we go next? HAIRCUT, DENTISTS, DOCTOR were when over the haircut, so next comes, Dentists right, where is she? THE DENTISTS, Shane I can't way for my boo boos The chair help dentists putting the mouth the the teeth happy on great! he it finshied it Where we go next? HAIRCUT, DENTISTS, DOCTOR were when over the haircut, then across the dentists, So next comes, The Doctor right, Do you see a doctor! yep, There's she is, Come on, Let's help shane to sleeping on the bed of the doctor and cheesy of the cheese, Come on, ¡Vamos! Doctor, Doctor, were home, she help a CHEESY OF THE CHEESE yep, that's right Ms. Doctor, OKAY SHANE he ready to sleep then let's hole a mouth of the doctor, we did it! Thanks Ms. DOCTOR, you're welcome, Which Boxes of the animal?

Character Find Edit

Little Star

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