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Directed by

Pink Eye


Mark Edwards
Tonya Smay
Cliff Melinda
Nick Wilson
Cliff Edwards

Pinocchio is a 1970 American animated film series a young boy he looking up the painting who that fairytale in casting.


  • Mark Edwards as Pinocchio is a 10 year-old boy yippee qui yay that great his a boyfriend who one painting in the question for new friend helps the younger boy quite the why up the Jet Lag.
  • Tonya Smay as Hiawatha is a year-old youngest giant Pinocchio's Friend Hiawatha.
  • Cliff Melinda as Mia is a Cat likes that he's young kitten great the light the lag of the my life.
  • Nick Wilson as Grandpa is a Grandfather's Pinocchio day her color from Pinocchio painting.
  • Cliff Edwards as Jiminy Bunny is a small green little Rabbit Pinocchio and mia meet three characters from nighty.

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