Morgan is a monkey who can lives from the jungle africa. He is voiced by Frank Michael

Monkey See, Monkey Do! Edit

Morgan swinging the bananas wearing no clothing swimsuit, and holding shoe maker crazy and we adventure and climbing the mountains, swinging in the jungles with eat some bananas, who that coming the female pig named Molly and those making some animal at night that he no sleep-out great adventures of the camp out of the africa laughing who can goes to sleeping out of best friends day and everybody who can makes in studio to something and lost and found light cheese and stinky.

Looks Edit

Morgan has brown skin with beige face on it with blue eyes, he wearing a blue jacket, he wore a blue jeans and wearing red sneakers.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Big Apple
  2. Best Friends Forever!
  3. The Sleepover Camp
  4. The Flying Saucer Mystery (book)
  5. The Mystery of the Unpopular Pizzeria (book)
  6. The Whoop Whoop Whoop Mystery (book)
  7. The Mystery of the Switched Cars (book)

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