Mikey Cat Clubhouse

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Disney cartoon books

Mikey Cat Clubhouse is a [[1]] animated television series produced by [[2]] and Disney Channel.


  • Mikey is a character cat in eating in fish and bodies with red pants, yellow shoes.
  • Minnie Mikey's girlfriend.
  • Donald is Mikey's teddybear.
  • June, a young ballerina who first in IBooks from the tv Opening the camera.
  • Goofy is a dog-like is Mikey's farmer.
  • Pluto is Mikey's dog.
  • Toodles is a match minor character who in book series
  • Captain Hook is Mikey's match helper pirate crushed the pirate cast the spell we did it the long the magician villains of all the singing i lost my magic! he says loud with something the city of the Peter Pan.
  • Mr. Builder is Mikey's toolbox he loves to playing together helps to wishes the first appeared book in Mikey saves movers
  • Cat in the hat is Mikey's mister cat who book two series on Minnie's birthday and Mikey's super adventure
  • Toolbox is Mr. Builder's tools friends.
  • Eubie is a giant higgly with book in Goofy in training
  • Lilo is a girl who first appeared book in Super Spies 2: June, Lilo and Minnie and the secret spy adventure
  • Stitch is Lilo's dog.
  • Marie is Minnie's pet cat.
  • Toulouse is Pluto's playing kitten.
  • Lucky is Captain Hook's dog.
  • Longfellow the giraffe is a giraffe
  • Eubie's chickens is episode on Donald and the beanstalk
  • Movers is a 4 movers in spanish book on Mikey saves movers
  • Ellyvan is a elephant who book on June's pet perfect
  • Buzz-buzz the bee is a bumblebee who book on Minnie's bee story
  • Baby Red-bird is Goofy's bird
  • Woodpecker is a woodpecker in tree on Mikey's camping out
  • Oso is a bear who first appared book on June's bo peep
  • Jump-hoper is a cricket.
  • Mr. rabbit is June's pet rabbit.
  • Animals, is a characters of the farms: Cows, pigs, sheeps, chickens, rooster, ducks, dogs, hen, chicks.


  • June's bo peep
  • Minnie's birthday
  • Goofy's bird
  • Donald and the Beanstalk
  • The Fix-it machine
  • Mikey's goes fishing
  • The Carnvial
  • Minnie's Picnic
  • Captain Hook's Beach
  • Goofy's Hat
  • Minnie's bee story
  • Mikey's big band concert
  • Super Spies II: Goofy's gone
  • The Little Parade
  • Adventures in wonderland
  • Mikey's great clubhouse hunt
  • Mikey's camping out
  • A surprise for Minnie
  • World Adventure
  • Space Suit
  • Doctor June, Medical Ballerina
  • June in the Sky
  • Donald's Lost Lion
  • Mikey's treat
  • Mikey go seek
  • Donald's big balloon race
  • Donald the prince frog
  • Minnie's Bee Story
  • June's pet perfect

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