Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (book)

Created by

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Based on

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Voices of

Wayne Allwine
Russi Taylor
Bill Farmer
Erica Huang
Tony Anselmo
Corey Burton
Wilmer Valderrama


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A Friendly clubhouse that mickey turn the Disney channel.


Mickey Mouse Edit

Mickey is a club outside house that who main the mathematic get aboard.

June Edit

June is a club young ballerina who Mickey's best friend.

Minnie Mouse Edit

Minnie Mouse is a club room basket Mickey's best friend count the cupcakes girly by you.

Goofy Edit

Goofy is a club dog sleepover get under the garden on the board.

Pluto Edit

Pluto is a preschool dog sleep on the doghouse.

Donald Duck Edit

Donald is a club duck sleep on the flying balloons.

Captain Hook Edit

Captain Hook is a 2 game pirate Mickey's friend a goofy two matches with math not a like a math hair in the forest.

Handy Manny Edit

Handy Manny is Mickey's friend mandy get under the photos with goofy hairiest.

The Cat in the Hat Edit

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