Mia the Racing Dogs is a British children's television series Voices of Lilly Holabird, Emma Scott, J.J. Johnson, Ian James Corlett, Melinda Richards, Katie Griffin.


  • Mia is a young red dog that who appear girl that great who is girly friend that who friends that is you. Voiced by Lilly Holabird
  • Cici is a pruple dog that her who younger old puppy that available starring the youngest girl friend Mia's best friend. Voiced by Emma Scott
  • Ian is a blue puppy that Cici's Best Friend blue dog that moose adventures of the racing puppies that who appear in circus. Voiced by J.J. Johnson
  • Sout is a yellow dog Mia's friend a young yellow puppy that appear in Five Minutes. Voiced by Ian James Corlett
  • Red, Green, Pruple is a youngest Mia's friend color Red, Green, Pruple. Voiced by Katie Griffin

Books Series 1Edit

  • 1.Mia's First Day
  • 2.Six Little Muffins
  • 3.The Mystery of Lost Bag
  • 4.Dog Trip
  • 5.Available dvd
  • 6.Why Happen Puppies in the Potato Counting Greatest in the that Adventures
  • 5.Treasure Dragon
  • 6.Ballerina Mia
  • 7.Cici gets Open
  • 8.Once a Great Adventure
  • 9.Great in Swimming Pool
  • 10.A Very Much to See
  • 11.Monster Stories
  • 12.Loula gets to see
  • 13.My Friends who's great sssshhhh who he great that Mia and CICI Adventures
  • 14.Counting Farms
  • 15.Two Greens
  • 16.Robot How to Sleepover
  • 17.X In a Worldwides
  • 18.My Life of the Meeting of Mia and Ian
  • 19.Once Upon a Time

Books Series 2Edit

  • 1.Fraggle Rock
  • 2.Mia and the Dragon Hood
  • 3.The Mission Family
  • 4.Puppies Running in the Forest
  • 5.Spaces of the Moon
  • 6.Mia and Cici's Birthday
  • 7.Witch's forest
  • 8.Doctor Cici
  • 9.Basket Hood
  • 10.Dragon
  • 11.Flash The Marshall
  • 12.Wild Pans
  • 13.Want That taine
  • 14.Computer Sleepover Hug
  • 15.Fix it Machine
  • 16.One Potato, Two Potato
  • 17.Once Together
  • 18.Dinosaurs and Dragons
  • 19.Hug of the Sockroaches

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