Created by

Polly Misama


Millie Androids
Wayne Allwine
Russi Taylor

Melissa is a Canadian-American children's television series produced by Panda Bear.

Characters Edit

Melissa Edit

(voiced by Millie Androids)

Melissa is a 7 year-old girl named Melissa who that great appear on in Franny feat.

Richard Edit

(voiced by Wayne Allwine)

Richard is Melissa's friend.

Emily Edit

(voiced by Russi Taylor)

Emily is a girlfriend who appeared in Beach Party.

Episodes Edit

Season 1

1.Beach Party

2.Playground Party

3.Melissa Goes to School


5.Flower Shop


7.Bug Mystery


9.Grabber Party

10.Five Minutes

11.Mysteries Beehive


13.Once Upon a Time

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