My favorite duck of them all, Mallory is the military brat of the team and does not take "you know what" from no one. She was a member of the Puckworld Special Forces where she was weapons expert; she is a professional martial arts expert and is not afraid of anyone or anything. She definitely does not like machines and thinks of Nosedive as a pain in the neck. Most people say she has a gentle side, in one episode, there is a nerd boy who is absolutely crazy about her, she mouths him off at first but she actually starts to care about him when she learns he's an orphan. I doubt if she uses a special charm to get attention, in one episode, she comes out in a smoking red dress, wooing the ducks, and wooing me too. I was so crazy about Mallory myself and wished she was real. Oh well, I guess some things you can only dream about.

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