Kangaroo Island Dunnart
Sminthopsis aitkeni large
Classification Mammal
Location Kangaroo Island
Conservation Status Critically Endangered
Scientific Name Sminthopsis aitkeni

The Kangaroo Island Dunnart (Sminthopsis aitkeni) is the only species of dunnart found on Kangaroo Island, and as the name suggests it is endemic to the island. Formerly widespread across the island this tiny insectivorous marsupial is now confined to a small area of habitat at the western end of the island. A suite of threats has been implicated in the decline of this species, including habitat loss resulting from the conversion of woodland to agriculture, increased grazing of livestock and changed fire regimes. Feral cats may have also played a role in the species’ apparent decline. With an estimated population size of less than 500, restricted to a very small area of habitat, this species is at extremely high risk from natural disasters such as wildfire.

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