Ireland Mysteries is a Canadian animated television series that Ian loves buddies and trying puzzles and the super secret city-town heart help their on the lag of the theme Mysteries and of the city and closing Mysteries and of the city.


  • Ian is a 6 year-old boy human named Ian and the mystery she a orange hair and the blue eyes and the red shirt and blue pants and the pruple shoes a boy human. Voiced by Ian James Corlett
  • Lilly is a girl human that great a pink bow a red hair and the blue eyes and the pink strawberry dress and the pink ballet shoes and the that's great who appeared on the market. Voiced by Tracey Moore
  • Ella is a girl human a pink bow a purple hair a red dress and the pruple shoes ballet he pizza of the Ireland town city of the land. Voiced by Lisa Lotti
  • Corlett is a boyfriend human a yellow hair and the green shirt and the red pants of the pruple shoes. Voiced by Richard Ian Cox
  • Florria is a boyfriend human a red hair who shirt red whe not a long. Voiced by Scott McNeil
  • Mr. Pizza is a father boyfriend human Ian's friend who a green hat a red hair who a blue jacket who blue pants who somewhere he clouds that eat on pizza from great the homes. Voiced by Tom Hanks
  • Emma is a girl human a gris hat and yellow hair girl human a blue shirt and the dark blue pants and the shoes purple a younger sister who make a beach with potatos. Voiced by Liz English

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