Hyloxalus abditaurantius

A female, with tadpoles on her back

Hyloxalus abditaurantius is a species of poison dart frog of the Hyloxalus genus. It is one of the least-toxic members of the family, and quite abundant in the wild. The frog is common in montanes and degraded former forests.

Description Edit

Hyloxalus abditairantius males are about 13 mm long when full-grown; the females are 15-17 mm long when full-grown. Fairly slender for a poison dart frog, abditaurantius is mostly white or yellow-white in colour, with thick bars down their backs. These may be gray or blue-gray in males; whereas female abditaurantius have dark brown or black stripes. The skin of wild specimens, while painful to the touch, is not deadly to humans.