Here is a list of all the World Records broken by fungi:

Worlds biggest fungus Edit

In 2014, a huge 16 centimeter fungus species was found in Zimbabwe, named Charnioscus giga , dwarfing the scond biggest, Diramina schrioffpi.

Worlds smallest fungus Edit

This record goes to the genus Arrachimpa, sized at 0.00001 nanometers.

Worlds heaviest fungus Edit

The worlds heaviest fungus weaghed in at 1.23 tons. It was nicknamed "Michael" but it sadly died in 2013 from its immense size, even though it lived to be 801 years old when an autopsy was perfomed on it

Worlds lightest fungus Edit

This record goes to unnamed specimen CMOI 13, a 8 decigram fungus that attacks human brain and liver cells.

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