A former criminal on Puckworld, before the attack, he founded a criminal organization called the Brotherhood of the blade, what they did is unknown but it must've been acts of vandalism, and stealing that sort of thing, Duke sports a light saber of sorts and has weird looking right eye with a digital light, to this day, there are a lot of people wondering how he got that, I think it must've been from his younger years from when he was committing a crime and got shot in the eye, he even has a chipped beak to go with the eye, he also speaks with a New York accent. Right after the Saurians conquered the planet, Duke decided to change his ways and help his fellow ducks, how he ended up with the ducks is unknown, I mean they have known about his past reputation and took precautions about letting him join. While on Earth, Duke continues to do good by helping the humans and fighting against Dragannus no matter what. When it comes to hockey, he does not believe in playing dirty.

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