Dinosaurs are reptilian birds that lived for 100 million years they went extinct 65 million years ago. They were the most successful animals on the planet.

Dinosaurs are fossils now that are a mix of stone and bone. All dinosaurs have different body structures and can have different diets.Some of the animals were related to the dinosaurs.


Dinosaurs were first thought long ago to be dragons but Richard Owen identified them as bird like reptiles.

Later more discoveries were made on them, even to day we study dinosaurs and more of them are discovers.

Time lineEdit

Triassic the first dinosaurs appeared.

Jurassic more plants evolved and dinosaurs grew enormous.

Cretaceous The last dins papered and rats at the time of the dinosaurs get stronger. Pterosaurs ( flying reptiles )and aquatic reptiles vanish with the dinosaurs when an unknown asteroid hits earth.


Dinosaurs evolved into birds but ancestor comes from lizards.

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