Daily the Monkey

Created by

Quebecor Media inc.

Directed by

Daniela Michaela




Tim Branson

Presented by

Maxine Pickles


Daily's Pets

Voices of

Melinda Richards
Michel Ledoux
Dippa Michael
Sofie Zamchick
Ian James Corlett
Tracey Moore
Emma Scott
Lisa Lotti
Scott McNeil
J.J. Johnson
Karen Blacks
Richard Ian Cox
Tara Strong
Nick Wilson
Kevin Carlson
Robert Tinkler

Daily the Monkey is a Canadian children's television series based on the Books by daily's pets.

Characters Edit

Daily Edit

(voiced by Melinda Richards)

Daily is a princess human who appears been a one books on named Daily the girl monkey.

Hector Edit

(voiced by Michel Ledoux)

Hector is a panda who appear into wezie.

Leon Edit

(voiced by Dippa Michael)

Leon is Daily's brother younger Human.

Wezie Edit

(voiced by Sofie Zamchick)

Wezie a yellow duck who explore of the sleep daily and hector friend.

Michael Edit

(voiced by Ian James Corlett)

Michael is a white-ice blue cat who appeared known a blue collage bow over the not shadow puppets? who puppetry make a younger brother Marine's friend who next the show the goodness of the it lovely to the in town of the year of high quality of the dinky point on the years on the help or have a snack of the live to customers who are the only appeared in Trucks.

Marine Edit

(voiced by Tracey Moore)

Marine is a white-ice blue cat who great day that girl Michael's friend red collage bow who on the Ireland of the best morning ever of the land and setup dated on their way into great that about not the crystal palace of a new phone case of the dancing ballerinas.

Milli Edit

(voiced by Lisa Lotti)

Milli is a dark blue rabbit who appeared in the out that great of the school and parks girly sister in the dancing ballerina of the land and Teddybears.

Mr. Giant Cat Edit

(voiced by Richard Ian Cox)

Mr. Giant Cat is a green father cat who appeared in collage red bow who adventures of daily the pet kitten.

Mr. Tato Edit

(voiced by Scott McNeil)

Mr. Tato is a grand brother blue cat and a collage bow dark blue who appeared?

Ormond Edit

(voiced by Emma Scott)

Ormond is a orange pig an explore one day of the air along.