Daily's Pets
Recorded Melinda Richards
Produced by Daily the Monkey

Daily's Pets is a Canadian-computer animated television series that Vivatoon Hector inc. character book magical youngest tales store with the animal why the young created by Josh Selig and Jennifer Oxley is a character one.


  • Daily is a 9 year-old girl and cutest pets adventures magical into the copyrighted by creates the animal town the petstore. Voiced by Melinda Richards
  • Hector is Daily's friend white and black panda-bear greatest into the animal book. Voiced by Michel Ledoux
  • Michael is a white-ice blue kitten a blue bow collage youngest cat he looking oxleys and inordinates one brother Marine's friend kitten. Voiced by Ian James Corlett
  • Wezie is a yellow duck that sleep into a hector's friend Duck is a young-old duck lake. Voiced by Sofie Zamchick
  • Marine is a white-ice blue cat that red bow collage that great magic Michael's Friend been the great day for the Animals. Voiced by Tracy Moore
  • Millie is a dark blue bunny colored by creates the school park a magic preschool classroom bunnies color crayon the camping on the lakes. Voiced by Lisa Lotti
  • Mr. Tato is a dark blue cat is a collage blue bow the youngest dady cat. Voiced by Scott McNeil
  • Ormond is a orange-rose pig that piggy he's a trouble in island old pig. Voiced by Emma Scott
  • Mr. Giant Cat is a green cat a two greens bigger red bow collage art board adventures not the looking. Voiced by Richard Ian Cox
  • Trixier Star is a blue-yellow wish star young monkey that his space rocket is lost. Voiced by Karen Blacks
  • Wheat is a black Cat a pruple bow collage by a young pirates treasure hunt. Voiced by J.J. Johnson



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