Bison bull photo

The American Bison

Bison are large, even toed ungulates in the sub-family Bovinae. They are also known as Buffalo. Buffalo (bison) will charge when threatened.

There are many types of buffalo and bison including: American Bison, European Bison, Cape Buffalo and Water Buffalo. Also related to the bison are Musk Oxen. Male Musk Oxen have a terrible scent lingering in their fur, hence the name.

Bison and Musk Oxen are usually very hairy, but that's a different story for Cape and Water Buffalos. They are smoth as a baby's butt!

Bison have small but sharp horns that can pierce human flesh. Musk Oxen and Buffalo have curly horns with a crash helmet-like covering on their heads.

Bison are dangerous animals and should not be exposed to humans, as they can run faster then them.

Bison, Buffalo, Musk Oxen. Very hard to confuse!