Being Som the great adventures is a 2004 Canadian children's television series produced by Nelvana Limited & Nola Milly Films Inc.

Plot Edit

Being Som loves one adventures welcome help Nola Milly to get upside down the pink eye.

Characters Edit

Som Edit

(voiced by Michael Paradise)

Som is a 12 year old som boy who make a clap your hands yay laughing and brother Som who parade and character mirror and magical maintain the train surgery down a pink eye.

Nola-Milly Edit

(voiced by Misama Melinda)

Nola-Milly is a younger kitten lovely girly cat Billy's Friend that who great time fiesta on the party and pizza who appear on the racing day on the love cat sister Being Som books by on the young kitten.

Nicky Edit

(voiced by Richard Ian Cox)

Nicky is Som's Brother.

Nia Edit

(voiced by Mille Anderson)

Nia is a girl that great appear in Hot-Dog with flowers and clouds and the outside for the tomato sleep.

Billy Edit

(voiced by Fred-Paradise Michael)

Billy is Nola-Milly's friend who driving not a pizza and hot dog car and the choose and the long piano more away of the wants the brother Hey! I'm something we're Nola-Milly help the Beach and the camping out and the her babies and the Why? I can't help you when or named Billy the cat and her long kitten Nola Milly know and her Stuffs! He looks on the show.


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