Being Som (TV Series)

Created by

Ian James Corlett


Michael Paradise
Millie Andrson
Fred Paradise-Michael
Misama Melinda
Richard Ian Cox

Being Som is a Canadian animated television series Voices of Michael Paradise, Millie Andrson, Fred Paradise-Michael, Miasma Melinda, Richard Ian Cox executive producer Ian James Corlett present for Studio B Productions with the characters adventures. he was booked by The books stories on library in English


Som Edit

(voiced by Michael Paradise)

Som is a 10 year-old som boy that his named Som great clap your hands yay Laughing inordinate that his young old brother nia friend.

Nia Edit

(voiced by Millie Andrson)

Nia is a young sister that great adventure his crayon sister girl that is a year-old little sister a year-old little girl from books by.

Billy Edit

(voiced by Fred Paradise-Michael)

Billy is a youngest cat he looking inordinate great adventures of two cats Nola Milly's best friend his looking adventures of the youngest adventure time me look be a character keyboard that locking a editings of the background tha his youngest kitten in the babies get opens the lake.

Nola-Milly Edit

(voiced by Miasma Melinda)

Nola Milly is a younger cat little sister year-old girl that great adventures of billy's friend great through the good leonard on the mountains the youngest old sister kitten young who appeared in books by from The Super Kittens!

Nicky Edit

(voiced by Richard Ian Cox)

Nicky is a brother youngest her old boy gets her sleepover bones great.

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