Baspace Roller's School Some Fun!

Also known as

Roller goes to School


Mark Marshall
Lara Wollington
Maxine Pickles
Kath Soucie
Russi Taylor
Richard Ian Cox
Kevin Carlson
Bill Farmer
Joanna Leeds
Joanne Vannicola
Mary Moder
Wayne Allwine
Martin Short

Baspace Roller's School Some Fun! is a Canadian animated book series created by Malou Bonicos Ltd.

Characters Edit

Cats Edit

Som: is a purple cat flat tires and the school cyclists of the

Slipper: is a young brother Caton Som's friend.

Mouses Edit

Roller: is a ice blue mouse who that funnies the It's you great job Som that song with two greens first day at school it lovely school trip.

Michael: is a Bryan Mouse he appear in cartoon series.

Lisa: is a white mouse who swing in the trees with Roller.

Rabbits Edit

Lady: is a white bunny who that who it's so having great good time and there! He looks on the band.

Molly: is a small little bunny Roller's best friend.

Millie: is a small little rabbit who it's Som's friend.

Maxine: is a bunny Roller & Michael's friend. Treasure his is one.