Baspace: and the secret city movie

Created by

Mary Moder

Voices of

Michel Ledoux
Melinda Richards
Teala Duncan
Tracey Moore
Lisa Lotti
Sofie Zamchick
Kathleen Barr

Developed by

Malou Bonicos Ltd.

Directed by

Tim Branson

Narrated by

Michael Bell

Story by

Nipples Michael

Baspace: and the secret city is an Canadian animated television series Produced by Malou Bonicos Ltd.

Characters Edit

Som Edit

(voiced by Michel Ledoux)

Som is a purple cat who appears right the across the street in town not a game of the land of thè adventures of action on the lag out of the tails.

Roller Edit

(voiced by Melinda Richards)

Roller is a ice blue-white mouse who appears in that's great what the fire truck of the driving of the town square of outside land in the young roller the mouse who appeared into the wel be right there of the island of the farm.

Rex Edit

(voiced by Teala Duncan)

Rex is a blue dinosaur who appears in the adventures right side in the country.

Boing-pig Edit

(voiced by Tracey Moore)

Boing-pig is a green-lime pig cookies in babies small pig mattres of the Baspace in secret city world Movie of the Ireland.

Lady Edit

(voiced by Lisa Lotti)

Lady is a white-tail bunny who that great new York on the land and tales the on a 5 tales in the land sheets and the teuxka trucks.

Clap Edit

(voiced by Softie Zamchick)

Clap is a brown dog who appears in the flat tire of the change of fumble car and a younger brother puppy.

Lisa Edit

(voiced by Kathleen Barr)

Lisa is a small bunny sister who appears in picnic.

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