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Baspace is a 2014 Canadian children's television series great voices of that his quite great adventures 6 friends pod squad characters adventure produced by Cindy L. Torres and created by Michel Ledoux fairly odd spaces titles and logo.


  • Som is a purple cat good and oxleys and inordinates is a character that his climbed up in the ladder from fire truck. Voiced by Michel Ledoux
  • Roller is a young white mouse that great mix-up sing with tub with a cheese young old moon his a great than his youth old name that roller mouse. Voiced by Melinda Richards
  • Rex is a blue Dinosaurs he a not a young tail a red-bleu hat he a look at the long tale in a cave. Voiced by Teala Ducan
  • Boingpig is a green-light verte pig that fly mattress greatest the adventures. Voiced by Tracey Moore
  • Lady is a white rabbit that greater first adventure get gifts for the present pink bow. Voiced by Lisa Lotti
  • Clap is a brown dog that his look is bones with a carnivals. Voiced by Sofie Zamchick


The Baspace Series

  • 1.Baspace and the secret city
  • 2.Roller's Day
  • 3.Roller and the Citation
  • 4.Lady's Paradise
  • 5.Baspace Movie
  • 6.One Potato, Two Potato
  • 7.European Union and thee rest of my flags
  • 8.Som's Kids
  • 9.Clap save the prince of Rex
  • 10.Rex in the Rainforest
  • 11.Lady lost into the handclap ongoing
  • 12.Lady in the Morning
  • 13.Animal save the day
  • 14.One lost together
  • 15.Wheat Futures
  • 16.Crying Baby Roller
  • 17.Popcorn Pop-UP
  • 18.Mummy Mouse Make a Cake Boss
  • 19.Lady and the meat people
  • 20.Prise Puzzle
  • 21.Buddies
  • 22.One, Two, Three, Four, Five
  • 23.Inordinate of Roller
  • 24.Robot Home
  • 25.Molly Takes in
  • 26.Join in TV
  • 27.Potato City
  • 28.Weekend of Treehouse
  • 29.Firetruck Town
  • 30.The missing piece
  • 31.A Little Sister


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