Alvin and the Cats is a 2007 American animated television series movie by Teletoon.

Cast Edit

Joanne Vannicola as Alvin the Cat

Phoebe McAuley as Theo the Cat

Ian James Corlett as Simon the Cat

Kevin Carlson as Brown Garne

Erica Huang as Claire

Richard Ian Cox as Dave

Movies Edit

*Ground the Trees and rainy market/Hungrier of Super Game and City Busytown/A night adventures toy stuffs!

Characters Edit

Alvin Edit

Alvin is a cat with come more channels and car if the person kitten who appears in Movie star 3 episodes 2007. She was Voiced by Vannicola

Ian Edit

Ian is a cat wondering [1]. She was Voiced by Buza

Theodore/Theo Edit

Theo is a cat friend who more next week please and thank you of Dorado of the beautiful kitten. He is Voiced by McAuley

Simon Edit

Simon is a cat who appear not a seahorse follow the swimming pool says "Whoa!" He looking with a [2]. She is Voiced by James Corlett

Brown Garne Edit

Brown Garne is a [3] brown who in one songs by Hurry Fast Want a Plane That Loops the Loop! Once gets here soon. She is Voiced by Carlson

Claire Edit

Claire is Dave's girlfriend. He was Voiced by Huang

Dave Edit

Dave is a [4] She is Voiced by Ian Cox

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